The inspiration for my latest workshop

A few years ago I was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas and right by the escalator a photo of Michael Jackson grabbed my attention. 

The quality and texture of the photo was mesmerising.

 Unfortunately my knowledge of what kind of print I was looking at was limited and it started a personal journey where I had to find out more about what this printing process was.


The most distinctive feature was the uneven/brushed edges ( in hindsight that should have told me in an instant what I was looking at).



At first I tried to copy this look in photoshop, and I deeply apologise for this ... take this as my public apology..... trying to recreate an artform in it purest level should never be copied digitally.

After a lot of Internet searching I finally found out the technique is called Palladuim printing and I had to learn how to do it.

Finding someone who's prepared to teach me wasn't as easy but after more endless hours online I finally found someone  ........ across the road from me .... like literally across the road from my work.

I booked the next available course, but then the apocalypse happened and it would be another 18 months before I  actually attended the workshop.

but it finally happened ...

 More details in my next blog post.

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