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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

WOOOOHOOOOOO !! One of my portraits has been chosen to be part of an exhibition in a West End Gallery and I would absolutely luv it if you could join me on the opening night. Hopefully there will be enough warm wine to quench our thirst and if there isn’t, there’s enough places in the area to buy our own wine!   Private View & Winners Awards  20 September 2023, 6 - 8.30 pm   Exhibition runs from  20 to 28 September 2023 at  the Zari Gallery,  73 Newman St,  London  W1T 3EJ     So Please Please Please try and make it on the 20th of Sept 2023 at 6pm    AND THERE”S MORE NEWS!!!     The same portrait...

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The inspiration for my latest workshop

A few years ago I was staying at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas and right by the escalator a photo of Michael Jackson grabbed my attention.  The quality and texture of the photo was mesmerising.  Unfortunately my knowledge of what kind of print I was looking at was limited and it started a personal journey where I had to find out more about what this printing process was.   The most distinctive feature was the uneven/brushed edges ( in hindsight that should have told me in an instant what I was looking at).     At first I tried to copy this look in photoshop, and I deeply apologise for this ... take this as my public apology..... trying...

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the Painted Banana ... or ... Inspiration vs Copying

There are few things in life that remain original  .... it's been said "everything has already been photographed",  when you pick up your camera you are merely taking a photo of the same subject in a different time frame, slightly different angle and slightly different light. . . . So when I went to the Ashmolean museum for inspiration on my ongoing still life project I couldn't help wondering where their inspiration came from? . It's quite obvious that they must of been "inspired" by each other but who was their equivalent of a "17th century Dutch master" that inspired them? At some point someone, somewhere, decided to pick up a paintbrush and paint the bowl of bananas that laid in front...

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